Organizing Umbrellas

This past week I was in one of my moods to organize. This particular day it was the hall closet. I found 6 umbrellas in the bottom of the closet that always seem to get in the way. I decided to get a few small nails and hang the umbrellas on the wall. This was a great solution to the problem. Since it's the hall closet no one will notice all of the nail holes either.

This works for me.

First Trip to Chuck-E-Cheese

I am now officially a parent. I have survived my first trip to Chuck-E-Cheese. Chris had to work that morning so I am very grateful to have a sister who was willing to help me run around with Michaela. She had a great time! I didn't think it would be that exciting for a 15-month-old but I was wrong!

She is riding in the car with Chuck himself.

We actually won quite a few tickets!

This was my favorite game as a child. (Holly and I took turns playing without her.)

I did manage to give her pizza that day. She can't always eat healthy, especially there!

The rides were her favorite.

Thanks for going with us Aunt Holly!

I honestly don't think we made it out of the parking lot before this picture was taken!

I'm pretty sure if I didn't have to drive I would have joined her. We had a great time.