Food Guide for Preschoolers

Do you have trouble remembering exactly what your preschooler should be eating every day? This website will give you a personalized food pyramid for your LO based on age, gender and activeness.

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Mom To A Preschooler (visit their site)

Thank you for this post. I really have a hard time preparing well-balanced meals for my daughter, and this post just came in time when I am really worried over her nutritional intake.

Clemencia (visit their site)

thank you so much for sharing this with us, very helpful

Sheena (visit their site)

I just came upon your blog and reading it I had to breath a sigh of relief. I loved reading your confessions because it sounds so much like what I'm going through and thinking right now. I just had my second baby about 5 months ago and I just started doing Tot School with my 3 year old. So I've been trying to adjust to having two while trying to put everything together for Tot School. Sorry this is a little long, but I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy reading your blog. I'm assuming you had your baby so congratulations!

Mom To A Preschooler (visit their site)

Thank you for this post. I don't have a problem remembering what my daughter eats because she eats chicken nuggets, chicken nuggets and still chicken nuggets. I need to find a way how I can get her to eat healthier food. I will definitely try to introduce healthier food in our family's meals.