Edible Art

Michaela and I tried our first art project today. Since everything goes into her mouth, I decided to use instant pudding instead of finger paints. At first I was bummed because I had bought vanilla instead of chocolate because the vanilla would not show up on the paper. But then a light bulb came on in my mind-Food Coloring! It was even better then having chocolate. (That will be the only time in my life I will ever say that again!)

She had no problem diving right in to the "paint".

If you look at closely at her mouth you can see where all of the "paint" went .
She did actually paint a few times in between bites.
Towards the end she wanted to just eat straight out of the bowl.
Finished product:
We even added some sprinkles!
Of course it was straight to the tub.
Did you notice the color of the water?
We will definitely try this fun, delicious project again!

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Christie (visit their site)

I've stashed this thought away for a day when I'm daring enough to try it! :) I'm sure all my littles would LOVE it... !