Nope- I don't want to do any of your Montessori Activities

I think if my 13-month-old daughter could talk that is what she would say.

Every activity we try, she does something different. We tried water pouring and thankfully we did that on the kitchen floor. She liked to turn over every container on the floor.

We tried to screw on caps and she decided to sit them down. That was interesting enough for her.

I tried to teach her what stickers were but she wanted to learn to sit in her chair instead. She put the sticker in her hair.

She is just not into this right now, but I'm going to stick with the method. Which means that I need to figure you exactly what would interest her and find something on her age level.

And right now she is interested in books, babies and food. I am going to focus on reading lots of books with her, playing with her doll house and cooking lots of plastic food. I'm sure along the way I will figure out ways to incorporate learning into this, but either way we are having fun together and we are going to create lots of great memories.

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