Crayola Moments

I just had a "Crayola Moment".

What do I mean? Let me try to explain:

I had just finished my study and was putting away my colored pencils into the box. Being the curious little person my daugther is, she decided to pick up the box and explore. She looked at the box from every angle possible. Front. Back. Very close to her eyes. Far away. I think she even balanced it on her head. Then she decided to shake the box and her eyes lit up!

She loved the noise that the pencils made as they crashed against one another. She would shake fast and then slower. She laughed and smiled with every twirl of her wrist.

Up until now you could compare her fun to eating an ice cream cone in July. In just a moment, she was about to eat her ice cream cone in July in the middle of Disney World. The box came open and she noticed all 12 of the bright colored pencils.

One by one she examined the small pieces of wood. Some were pointy and others were dull. The noise they made when she smashed them together was music to her ears! You would have thought she was Beethoven as she composed her Crayola Masterpiece. Did I mention that she had fun playing with the colored pencils yet?

Alas, it was time to go to bed and the adventure in Crayola land had to end. Her ice cream cone was gone, it was winter and we were back in Kentucky.

This small person reminded me of something huge tonight. How many things in life do I stop and appreciate? Do I stop and thank God for the beautiful sunrise or the flowers that He is blooming right now? Sadly enough, I believe I rush through life without examining His wonders. I become lazy and take things for granted because I have seen them for years.

Maybe I should slow down, re-examine and appreciate the beautiful creation before me.

I need to have more "Crayola Moments".

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