Showing Lovingkindness

For you all that are married, do you find it difficult to always show love to your spouse?

Well, that's good. For a minute I thought I might be the only one. When we got married, we made a covenant to our spouse, in front of God, to love and respect. We promised to cherish that person and to put them before ourselves.

I would just like to admit that I don't always show Chris love and I don't always show him respect. He lets me down from time to time and in my mind I don't think that he 'deserves' it. But how many times have I promised God this or that but failed to keep the promise? How would I want God to respond to me?

Thankfully, God responds with His lovingkindness. In Hebrew, the word lovingkindness is Chesed. You might find the definition to this word interesting. "A love that remains constant no matter what the circumstance. This is God's covenant-keeping, steadfast love." After I learned what this word actually meant, I have not been able to read this word in Scripture without being amazed at His love for me. He loves me when I sin and He loves me when I bring Him glory. He loves me no matter what the circumstance. Wow!

So who are we to keep love from our spouse? They are fallen humans, just like us. They are going to disappoint us and at times they might even hurt us. What better way to show God's love to our spouse then to love them no matter what the circumstance. After all, we are in a covenant with them and we need to display this covenant-keeping, steadfast love.

This will make it easier for them to show us that same love when we let them down!

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