Worship as a Lifestyle

Prayer. Singing. Dancing. Reading. Preaching. Teaching. Writing?

Wait. If I am listing some of the ways that we can worship God, can I put writing in the list? Is this really a form of worship?

I had never thought of writing as a form of worship until our pastor said that tonight. He is preaching on the many forms of worship that we, the body of Christ, can take part in.

As a body of believers, I think that we fully understand that prayer, singing, reading, preaching and teaching are forms of worship. Most of us, even the baptist, can accept dancing before the Lord as a form of worship. But we don't think of writing as an expressed form of worship.

So, let me ask. What exactly is worship? In the original language worship is defined as "reverent honor paid to God..." If I am seeking to honor God through my writing, then it is a form of worship. In fact, anything that we do in order to bring him honor is an act of worship.

Worship is not something we do in church before we hear the message. Worship is a lifestyle.

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