Enjoying Every Season

I haven't always been the biggest fan of fall because it means the cold weather is coming soon. I hate snow. I hate feeling swaddled with clothes. I just plain hate the cold weather. I also hate racking leaves. (As you can see by the tremendous pile in our yard!)
This year I have decided to look at this season with new eyes. Maybe it's because we have a toddler who is experiencing fall for the first time. Maybe God is just trying to teach me to enjoy every season of life instead of only enjoying the ones that I like.
I never realized how much your attitude can effect your outlook. Normally, I would look at the front yard and be upset because we have to rack leaves. Now, I am looking at the leaves as a chance for Michaela to play. To watch the dog run through the front yard. To explore the leave and to feel the texture. To teach her about God and the beautiful creation He has made.
Today I am thankful for a new attitude. I am thankful for the different seasons of life we get to enjoy...no matter how much we may not like them.

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