Halloween was the first holiday that we were celebrating for the second time. Can I just say that time goes by way too quick?! This year Michaela was a lady bug. If I haven't told you, my child does not smile for pictures any more. I'm lucky if she even looks at the camera! She has not interest in pictures at all. Hopefully we can change her mind about that!

This is the back of the costume. I loved the wings!

Despite the look on her face I believe she had a good time.

OK. I have to admit something. As soon as we got home, I dumped out the candy and sorted it. It brought back found memories of my childhood!

4 Responses to "Trunk-or-Treat"

Julie (visit their site)

I sorted my candy as a kid, too! The real question much of her candy did you eat? :)

MajorScoop (visit their site)

Fun times!

Amanda (visit their site)

We dumped our candy too!!! It is so much fun to see all the candy in a big pile on the floor!

Amanda (visit their site)

I think I ate at least half. We did manage to save her some M&M's and smarties.