Tired of Red Stains?

My camera was left at a baby shower this weekend. Until I can reclaim my prized possession I am forced to write post do not require my beautiful pictures. I'm so sad!

I realized today was Wednesday so it is Works-for-Me-Wednesday at Rocks in my Dryer. What a perfect day for a no picture post!!

Moving on...
I was so tired of having red stains on my tupperware from leftover food that had spaghetti sauce. I realized that if you spray the bowl with PAM before storing the food it will not leave the ugly red ring! I have had a temporary ring before but it comes right out when you wipe the bowl clean. This is so simple to do and it saves my sanity!

3 Responses to "Tired of Red Stains?"

Wanda (visit their site)

WOw.....that works? Cool.
I will be trying it out.

Linda (visit their site)

Since I bought new containers, I've not been putting tomato sauce in them. I have a couple of glass containers I use for that, but it's good to know that spraying the plastic ones works. Thanks for the tip!

Debbie (visit their site)

Wonderful tip! Thanks.