Mommy Confession - Pride


I'm sure you haven't noticed but I haven't been blogging. I'm not really sure why and I'd like to be able to answer that question. Maybe it's because I have not been doing much with Michaela in the Tot School department. Maybe it's because I've been spending too much time reading other blogs. Maybe I've become a little lazy.

All of those reasons could be the case but I really think it's just a bad habit I have. I get really zealous about making some changes in our lives and then I get burnt out. I have begun to notice a pattern. Want a few examples?

Started "Flying" with the Fly lady (another post for another time. You can check out her website if you'd like.) Loved this but I ended up quitting.

Blogging. I have a tendency to go through ebbs and flows with this hobby. I do it for a while then quit but I really like doing it so why do I quit?

Tot School. I got really into planning out activities and even devoted a whole room for her school. No sooner did I start making this a part of our schedule did I find myself backing off day by day.

Sewing. I made a few cute things, got really excited and then put the cover on my machine.

My latest fad is natural cooking. I decided I didn't want to continue to eat boxed, processed meals so I have been scouring the internet and blogs to find natural, frugal recipes. I have also decided to make all of Corbin's baby food instead of buying jar foods. I wonder how long this one will last for me?

I really struggle with committing to the changes I want to make in my life and my family's life. All of these habits/hobbies are good for my family but I can't seem to make them stick. I notice when I start to implement the changes I become prideful. I really honestly don't want to have this attitude but it seems to happen time and time again.

It would be very easy to blame this one on Satan but I really think this is something that I need to take responsibility for so Christ can help me overcome it. Every time I see the pride I just tend to stop doing what is making me feel proud and not deal with the root of the problem. This only ends up hurting my family since the habits and hobbies are edifying and my intentions are genuinely God-honoring. Somewhere along the way I let my sinful nature get the best of me.

I'm not telling anyone this so that I can get a pat on the back for spilling my guts. If I want to continue to blog and share my experiences with other Moms I need accountability. My husband and I have learned that keeping our sins in the dark can only make them worse. I would rather confess my sins to God and others so that I can move forward and strive to be the woman that God intends for me to be.

Does anyone else struggle with this? If so, what have you done to help correct this sin?

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Nicole {tired, need sleep} (visit their site)

I have noticed you haven't been around! I always enjoy reading your blog. And I understand what you are saying. I wonder if it is just a matter of balancing everything. Writing posts for my blog gives me energy and I love doing it... but there's a point where a good thing turns into more of a self-absorption kind of thing and at that point it is a good idea to stay away for a few days. I don't see it so much as not following through on something as it is just stepping back and getting my priorities and perspective back where they should be. Hope that makes sense! Thanks for writing this - it is giving me a lot of food for thought today.

Our Little Family (visit their site)

Oh yes, do I EVER relate to this post!! My goodness, I totally understand what you're saying. I cycle through things also, from cloth diapering to pureeing veggies to "sneak" into foods to Tot School itself. I often start out with a bang and then, over time, it slowly fizzles. And actually, I hate this aspect of my personality.

I can't really offer any wise words of advice, but I can send a virtual hug because I really "get" what you're saying. I think I get SO excited with new ideas (Muffin Tin Monday, art projects, crafting) that my attention strays to whatever else pops up. I try to see it as me exposing my family to lots of different things and the really, really good stuff has the sticking power to stay around.

I'm rambling. I will say that I've lost a little bit of love for keeping my blog up, and I think it's also because I haven't been doing much/anything with Maddie. I don't know.

Hugs to you!

Shannon (visit their site)

I liked the book "The Power of Less" by Leo Babauta. He had some tips about making things a part of your life slowly, such as focusing on making on 1 change at a time and sticking with it for a month until it is a part of your life.

Another suggestion was to take the change you want to make and then only start with a little tiny part of it. (For example, instead of saying "I'm going to eat healthier," you might just say, "I will make sure I eat 1 fruit or vegetable a day. It sounds almost too easy, but once you are in the habit of that, you can step it up to 2 veggies or add 1 serving of whole grain each day, etc.)

Unknown (visit their site)

I totally understand where your coming from, because I'm at the same place.
What I found that helps me (when I remember it) is something that comes across with flylady.

You can take one step a day and each step is a blessing. It doesn't matter how large a step it is, it still bless your family and you can be HAPPY with yourself that you took that little step. So when your sitting.standing there thinking "I have so much to do" and don't want to do any of it. Visit each room, look at each activity and do something. Anything at all and feel GOOD about it.