What I love about you- 21 Weeks

I have recently felt like I leave Corbin out. This blog usually is filled with Michaela because of Tot School and I occassionally throw pictures of Corbin in the mix. I really want to change that. Starting this week I'm going to link up with Lil' Ladybuy and do "What I love about you". (Michaela-when you get older and read this I want you to understand that I love many things about you as well. This is just a special way for me to document Corbin's first year.)

I love the way you "held" your bottle for the first time.
I love watching you play with your toys.
I have also learned to love you despite of the projectile vomit and additional laundry.
I love your carefree disposition. I love those huge dimples.
I love giving you a bath in the sink. (This was the first time we tried this and it was so much easier on my back then the tub.)
I love the excitement from your Daddy when we buy a matchbox car.
(This is your first official car.)
I love the face you make when eating your solid foods. (This is your first time eating avocados.)
I love the way you laugh out loud when we tickle you. You have the most adorable laugh ever!
I love hearing you cry. It might be one of the most precious sounds to me, especially since our accident. I can't tell you how much more I appreciate you (and your cries.)
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3 Responses to "What I love about you- 21 Weeks"

Sheena (visit their site)

That is such a good idea. I feel like I leave my baby out as well, so I might start this too. Thanks for the idea.

Our Little Family (visit their site)

What a sweet post! I'm super emotional right now and I'm totally crying! Ha! He's a doll and you are so, very blessed!!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} (visit their site)

Oh he is such a sweet little guy! Beautiful pictures! :)