Countercultural Calm

Without any warning to anyone, I decided that I needed a break from a 'screen'. God started to show me that I was spending way to much time being entertained by either a TV or a computer. I had to have a break from Technology.

I love technology. I think it is a great way to stay in touch with people and a great way to learn. The problem is that we can be consumed by it. Blogging, email, social networking sites, news, games and the list can go on and on. There is so much to do on the Internet and a of of it can be beneficial.

I was doing pretty good with monitoring my online time until my friends signed me up for facebook. I would spend a lot of time just reading other peoples profiles. It was nice to see people from high school. I can even say that in my case it can be a great witnessing tool because I was very wild in high school. (I was not saved until the age of 20.) I would bet that most people who knew me in high school would not expect to see the content of my profile. There is a real change in the person I was and the person that I am in Christ.

However, I cannot sacrifice my personal relationships for online relationships. I decided to take a break from television and the Internet. I picked up a few books that I have always wanted to read. It has been a very refreshing 10 days.

In the book Finding your Purpose as a Mom there is a chapter on creating a countercultural calm in your home. Our culture is so busy. A lot of women find themselves rushing from one activity to another. Why do we do this to ourselves? It doesn't have to be so hurried. Life hasn't always been so fast paced.

Donna Otto makes a few simple suggestions in her book:

First, try backing up a little, taking steps to simplify your schedule and your life. This may mean you need to drop some activities and get rid of some items. At the very least, think about what you're trading off to keep up with today's culture. Is all the stuff in your life really worth the time you must invest in it?
Another way to counter the dominant cultural hurry-up trend is to reduce your dependence on technology. Perhaps a better way to put it is to be sure technology works for you-not you for it. Because there is something almost hypnotic or even addictive about "toys" such as televisions and computers, you may need to make rules for yourself.
Right now, I am asking God to show me how I should use technology. What rules do I need to make in my life to make sure my priorities are straight? How can I create a countercultural calm in my home? How can I use technology to glorify Him?

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Right on... I hear you. I really like my computer... way too much!

Wanna be friends on facebook ;)