Happy 4th of July!!

We had a really good time on 4th of July! We started the day at Grandma Voelker's for a cookout.

Michaela and Aunt RaRa (Rachel)
Daddy fixed her hair that day!
Then we went to Brittany's moms to watch fireworks.
Mommy and Michaela Daddy and MichaelaAs you can see, we didn't spend a ton of money on Fireworks. We got the legal ones. Nevertheless, Michaela loved watching them!
She has a look of concentration.
She is in awe of the fireworks here.The plastic container she is holding is her 'firework'. When I pulled the string confetti came out and she loved that. She held on to the plastic for the rest of the night.
The night wouldn't be complete without something going into her mouth.

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