Faith Like Gideon

Do you ever just sit back and wonder what God is up to? Do you ever just look around at the circumstances in your life and wonder how it will all work out? Last month, I posted a story about leaving work to stay home with Michaela full time. We were absolutely positive that was the direction that God was taking us. Having said that, we are STILL sure we made the right decision.

A few weeks before we made the decision, we visited another church with some friends. The pastor talked about the story of Gideon. If you aren't familiar with the story, I can paraphrase it for you. God told Gideon he would save Israel, but Gideon did not feel like he was confident enough to defeat the army. God assured him that he would defeat the
Midianites but he also told him that he had too many men. God let 22,000 of his men go back home. He was left with 10,000 but God told him that it was still too many men. God wouldn't receive the glory. Gideon was left with 300 men to defeat the Midianites. Thankfully, God is all powerful. Gideon and his mean saved Israel from the Midianites and God received all the glory because Gideon's army couldn't have won the battle without him.

When we made the decision for me to leave my job, God was making the first cut. We weren't going to have all the money we needed but we knew that God would provide a way. Later that same week God made the second cut: Chris lost his job. My first instinct was to run back to work and ask for my job back. How are we going to survive? How are we going to pay our bills? But I knew with all my heart, that we had made the right decision. It is God's will for my family to have me at home to train Michaela in the ways of the Lord. It is God's will for me to be at home to make a safe haven for my husband to come home to everyday. I couldn't bring myself to turn my back on God's will.

So, here we are. The funny thing is though, God has reminded me of the story of Gideon so many times. Chris and I were cleaning house the other day and I turned on the radio. Do you know what was on? Someone I had never heard of before, but he was talking about the story of Gideon. Our pastor has mentioned Gideon in the last couple weeks. I really think that God is trying to tell us something!

I don't know how this is going to work out but I do know who can and will work it out. I want to have faith like Gideon to do what God says and let him get the glory for the result. It doesn't seem rational but God can do anything. Who am I to get in his way?

3 Responses to "Faith Like Gideon"

Julie (visit their site)

I'm praying for you and Chris to continue to draw near to the Lord during this time. Great is Thy Faithfulness.

MajorScoop (visit their site)

Press on, friend, trusting in Him as you are!

I am praying for you both.

Thanks for sharing your story...

Amanda (visit their site)

Thank you for your prayers! They are appreciated!