Wet and Dry

Yesterday, we decided to play with a few objects in a cup. We started off with water(wet), cotton balls(soft and dry), and sunflower seeds (hard and dry). I really didn't want to use sunflower seeds but it was all I could find around the house. I soon realized what a mistake it was to use sunflower seeds.

The sunflower seeds either went to the dog or in her mouth. We took them away rather quickly.

However, once I took away the sunflower seeds, I had unknowingly created the "wet/dry experiment".

At first, she would put her hand in the container and feel the water.

She would also reach into the other container and touch the soft cotton balls.

After a few minutes of exploring, she started to put the dry cotton balls into the water.

In the end we learned a few lessons:

  1. Mom should always put a towel down before playing water activities
  2. Michaela learned the difference between wet and dry. You can see in the picture below she is holding 1 wet cotton ball and 1 dry cotton ball. She immediately got to experience what happens to an object once it is put into water.
  3. Mom also learned that Michaela can get very wet during water play!!
  4. I need to let her explore. She will suprise me! Babies are very smart.
  5. Learning is fun. Be spontaneous.
  6. And finally, don't try to give her something that can't be put in her mouth.

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Julie (visit their site)

Very Fun! Great activity.