Matching Animals

Grandma got Michaela a cute magnetic game. It is an awesome toy to keep her occupied, um, learning while I am doing dishes or cooking. It is also awesome because it helps her make matches either by the color or by the animal. When she puts one piece on the base it will also teach her the corresponding sound that the animal makes.

She really enjoys to explore each of the pieces. She is in awe of the fact that the pieces will stay on the refrigerator.
If the pieces don't match it sings a silly song about the created animal. In this case, it would be a song about a pig-duck.
Yeah. She found the right head for the duck!
Smiling for the camera.

I don't know if I can really classify this as Montessori, but it incorporates matching and exploring so I'm going with it.

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Christie (visit their site)

How cute! I love how smart little ones are... how quickly they grasp things! We've been working on memorizing things with our girls (4 & almost 3), and I've just been amazed how great their memories are! Children are so wonderrful to watch!