Christian Symbol Game

This idea came from 101 Great Games For Infants, Toddlers, & Preschoolers: Active, Bible-Based Fun for Christian Education.

The first activity in this book is Picture This. This game teaches important images and symbols of the Christian faith. First thing you will need is different pictures that represent an aspect of the faith. One of my friends had given me some leftover scrapbook pages that he did not need or want. I looked hrough the pages and I was lucky enough to find a couple with some pictures I could use.
I cut out the pictures, but since the bible looked like a plain book I wrote out a Psalm on the pages. I also had a picture of the cross on our church.

The symbols we used were:
  • The Bible
  • The church
  • a lamb
  • a dove
  • the Cross

After all of the pieces were cut out, I put them on the floor so Michaela could explore the pictures.
As she touched each picture I explained what the picture was and why it was important to us.
I love this picture of her looking at the cross.

To make this activity more fun, make sure to crawl around on the floor with your child. Michaela loves it when I get on the floor with her!

I think she really enjoyed this game. We got to talk and explore different pictures. Most importantly, we talked about Jesus and why He is important to us.

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MajorScoop (visit their site)

Fabulous game! Way to go Momma!