Sorting Socks

The other day I was doing the worst chore ever. We were moving from 9 month clothes to 12 month clothes. (I really hate to do the clothes switch.) I had her sitting in the bed playing with some toys.

That is when she decided to help me with her socks. I had a stack of her socks that were too little in her bed. She decided to throw them over the side of the bed. Of course, she thought this was hilarious. I decided to take this moment to help her learn to sort clothes.

This activity:

  • helps with real life skills that she will use later in life.
  • Hand-eye Coordination
  • Concentration
For the sorting bins, I had 2 wipe holders I had saved. The purple was for the pink socks and the yellow was for the lighter colored socks.
At first, she just took all of the socks out of the bins.
She finally got the hang of putting the socks back in the bin. I cannot promise that she actually sorted the socks, but she put the socks in the containers. It's a step.
It was great to take a boring chore and turn it into a learning experience.

I loved teaching her and I almost enjoyed doing the clothes switch!

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MajorScoop (visit their site)

It sure does make the mundane seem less mundane, huh? Way to be inventive. So fun. Hannah liked playing in her crib, too.