What He doesn't let happen to us

Imagine the scene: The baby is sitting on the floor innocently playing with her toys. The parents have moved the couch over so that she is blocked into the living room. The dog decides that he wants to play in the living room as well, so he leaps over the couch. Just as the dog is about to land right on the baby with claws ready to pierce the skin, Mom jumps up and catches the dog. The baby looks up, smiles at Mom and continues to play with her toys never knowing the danger that just eluded her.

That was a real scenario at our house last night.

Immediately, I began to wonder how many times in my life God "caught the dog" before it landed on me. How many times did Satan try to destroy something in me life but God said no? I think too many times I focus on the negative aspects of my life without thanking God enough for the blessings. I want to try to remember to be thankful in all situations because I never know what He could have let happen to me.

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MajorScoop (visit their site)

Mmmm.... great thoughts! It's so true!