Expelled-No Itelligence Allowed

This is a must see movie for any Christian family. Actually, it's a must see movie for any American who believes in freedom. This was an amazing documentary about what happens to scientists, doctors, professors, etc who try to research Intelligent Design. Most of them loose their jobs! What happened to science? What happened to freedom of academia? I was appalled about what goes on in our own country.
What was even more scary is what happens when Darwinism rules the day and where this could eventually lead us. I watched this with tears in my eyes.
If you are able, please watch this movie. There is also a website set up to sign the petition for Academic Freedom. Scientists should at least be able to challenge Darwinism. Especially since it is only a THEORY!
God, please have mercy on our country.

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Christie (visit their site)

My husband and I went to see this when it came out, and we LOVED it! It's amazing to see how far out of the way people are willing to go in order to deny the evidence of the Creator.