Housekeeping Mission Statement

Many business have a mission statement. The president wants the company to accomplish a certain task and the mission is usually clearly stated in 1 statement.
While I was reading Organizing Junkie's blog I found a wonderful mission statement for her household. I was going to create my own statement, but she did such a great job. I printed out this statement and put a copy on my refrigerator.

My Housekeeping Mission Statement

To provide an inviting and peaceful household environment, for my family and all that enter, that is conducive to living simply, loving deeply and laughing abundantly. I will make strides everyday to achieve this by practicing and teaching good daily habits and routines along with effective organizational skills. I will graciously and cheerfully serve my family and genuinely enjoy my commitment to creating a home sanctuary that is above all else pleasing to God.

This serves as a great reminder when I don't feel like doing the housework or am tired from a long day of serving my family.

Thanks Organizing Junkie!

2 Responses to "Housekeeping Mission Statement"

Org Junkie (visit their site)

Oh you are so welcome!

I can't say I achieve this every day but with God's help it has certainly gotten easier for the good days to out weigh the bad.

I'm so glad you liked it!

John (visit their site)

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