Mom was a Superhero

I remember when I was little thinking "My mom is a superhero. Who else could really clean up puke without getting sick. That is a superpower!"

I have always had a very weak stomach. I could/would get sick if I just heard someone getting sick. I cannot stand it! Therefore, I was always amazed that Mom could clean up after us when we had the flu or when we just had a simple stomach bug. I could have never done that as a child. EVER!

Two nights ago Michaela gave me the opportunity to become a superhero. I went in her room to make sure the blanket was on top of her and I found that she had gotten sick in her bed. It was everywhere including her hair.

Just then I realized something...Mom's (and Dad's-Chris helped) can do the unthinkable because they love their children. They can do the unthinkable because they want to care for their children in the best way possible. They can do the unthinkable because, well, they have to!

Mom, if you could read this, I would like to thank you for showing me what it means to be a superhero. Thanks for loving your children, caring for us in the best way possible, and doing what you had to do to! I would also like to thank you for passing those superpowers along to the next generation. God willing, I plan to pass these along to your grandchildren the best I know how.

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MajorScoop (visit their site)

Your post made me cry. So sweet. Way to be a superhero for your little sweetie the way Jesus and your Mom is/was for us/you.