Our first Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday we carved Michaela's first pumpkin. It was actually a first for all of us. We had a pretty good time. Don't be fooled by the pictures though. She got very bored in between all of the steps so Mommy had to keep her entertained. I think next year will be more enjoyable for us.

She is watching Daddy cut off the top.
She only used the scoop a few times. She didn't really like the texture of the guts.
She is definitely a girl!

She got to help Daddy draw the outline on the pumpkin.
While Daddy cut the pumpkin, Michaela and I talked about the seeds. Then I let her work on transferring the seeds from one bowl to another. This actually kept her occupied for a while.
But of course, that wouldn't last!
She is learning to be such a great helper. She helped us clean up all of the pumpkin leftovers.
Here she is with her first pumpkin. If only we could get her to smile for pictures these days!The final product...