My Little Helper

I love when teachable moments come that I do not expect. Some of you may not think this is a very teachable moment, but I think it is a great way to teach Michaela how to become a great woman.
I was cleaning the window of our front storm door. I had walked outside to wash the other side and when I looked down Michaela was "cleaning" the door with my older wipes. It was so adorable! She watched me clean and did exactly the same thing.

(Please excuse the glare. I was outside taking the picture.)

So, why would I call this a "teachable moment"? I really feel that a lot of little girls are not being trained to become true women. Women who can clean a home, nurture their children and love their husbands. The gender lines are being so blurred. I feel that any time I can make Michaela understand what it really means to be a woman I am being obedient to God.
I know helping a 1 year old "wash" a window doesn't seem like being obedient, but all too often we look over the importance of raising our children to be godly. We begin to see it as an every day task instead of our mission and ministry from God. At least I do all too often. I'm trying to open my eyes to see more of God in my every day tasks.

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