Mom's Birthday

Every year on my Mom's birthday, my family and I go to the cemetery to have a birthday party for her. This tradition started the very first year and we have had a party every year. We get together, bake a cake, and talk about our childhood. It's a good time of remembering Mom.
We actually did this on her birthday, but I was late on getting this posted.
Here are some pictures from this year's party:

This was Michaela's first year to join the celebration.
The cake looks the same every year. We always get funfetti cake with funfetti icing. Usually, the cake doesn't turn out this great because we forget to let it cool. I think we are finally learning!

This is the first time Michaela has been to her Grandma's grave.

This is the first time she had cake!

One of the reasons I picked this site was because the plot was located in the Garden of Angels. I loved the thought of her being in that garden. Mom loved to spend time outside in her garden.

Michaela loved looking at this picture.

Happy Birthday, Mom!
We love you and we miss you!

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That is SO sweet. Thanks for sharing.