The Benefits of Resting

I finally decided My husband and doctor decided that I probably need to rest more during the final weeks of pregnancy. I am a very stubborn person but I am thankful that I am trying to follow their advice. Michaela and I had a wonderful time playing in her room the other day. I may not have got to enjoy this time with her if I had let my nesting obsession take over (which I could have easily done if my husband hadn't told me no!)

We got to enjoy playing with baby dolls...
I walked in her room and she was changing the baby's diaper all by herself.
Then she gave the baby her pacifier.
And of course we had to feed the baby.
I feel like this most days when I'm trying to leave! She packed up all the baby's things and told me bye. She even walked over to give me a kiss first.
Then it was time for dress up.
I loved watching her look in the mirror at herself. It was so precious!
I was very surprised that she knew how to "work" the hair dryer.
I wish she would have let me get a better picture of this. She had on her Tutu, crown, 2 different shoulder wraps and was holding her wand. She wanted it off way too quickly for a picture though. :(
I can't believe how fast she has grown up. It seems like yesterday I was holding a newborn and now I have a little girl that plays Momma and dress up.I thought it would take so much longer to get to this stage of her life!

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TheRockerMom (visit their site)

How adorable! Praying for a short and safe labor and delivery. :) Can't wait to see pics of him when he arrives!