Mommy Confession Monday

Ok, so here goes nothing.

1. Michaela watched entirely too much TV this week. I believe she watched at least 30 minutes a day and sometimes up to 2 hours (not consecutive). I'm just really feeling that last weeks of pregnancy and I let that get the best of me. Oh well, at least it was "educational" TV. ;)

2. We really didn't do any planned activities. Like I said, the last weeks of pregnancy can be tiring, especially when you obsess about having an organized, clean house before the new baby comes. Most of our activities were sporadic but she still loved them anyway. The important thing is that we still spent time together, even if it wasn't on the calendar.

3. We've started talking about Potty Training. Michaela will now tell me when she has to go "poo-poo". I sat her on the toilet and like always, she didn't really need to go. I tried to explain that maybe she should grunt to help her poopie come out. Unfortunately, it only helped a fart come out. She looked at me wide eyed and exclaimed, "I farted!" then threw her head back and laughed. I have to confess I thought that was hilarious. For some reason we tend to think of bodily functions as funny, not rude. We might need to work on this for public outings though.

Alas, we are not perfect around here!

2 Responses to "Mommy Confession Monday"

Amanda (visit their site)

I have to agree, we think bodily functions are funny here too! Gracie and Evan especially think they are funny and love to announce that they've farted. Luckily (as far as I know) they only do this at home! ;)

Amanda (visit their site)

You will have to enlighten me on how to train her only to do this at home!