Mommy Confession Monday

Have you ever felt that the other Mom's in "blog land" are perfect? Of course, we all know that no one else is perfect and they don't have it all together but sometimes it seems that things go so smoothly in their home. Their children always do activities just as planned, they have clean clothes and fixed hair, and Mom has made a meal completely from scratch. We all know that this is not the case. No one wants another other mom to feel inadequate. Most of us blog to encourage one another and share great ideas, not to brag about how great we are.

This is why I'm going to start a new weekly post: Mommy Confession Monday. This can be a time that we confess things to each other that didn't go as planned during the week. We can also share funny stories about children. Or maybe we can be serious and confess an area we need to work on. It may help to have some type of accountability in our struggles to raise children to love God. These are just a few ideas because I'm sure there are many, many things that happen each week that keep us humble.

I pray this weekly post will help to show us that no one else is perfect and has it all together. God made each of us differently so we will all have different strengths and weaknesses. Now let's have fun laughing as we confess together.

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MajorScoop (visit their site)

When I am overwhelmed, I just ignore the blogs and don't check them anymore for awhile ;)