New Blog that I absolutely LOVE!

I was going through a friend's blog roll and I stumbled across a new blog that I absolutely love. is a great site for helping to teach your toddlers. I really like the learning style of Montessori, but I have had difficulties finding activities that are geared toward children under the age of 3. While this website is not technically a Montessori based site, she believes in the idea and is very similar. There are tons of pictures, she writes very well (which is not my strong suite at all!) and is very clear with instructions.

The best thing about this site is the fact that she is very down to earth. After reading some blogs about teaching children I feel completely incompetant. It seems like the Moms never have a glich in the schedule or if you do something contrary to their beliefs you are wrong. I don't believe you will feel that way about 1+1+1=1. If you are looking for ideas in educational play for your tot, this site is awesome!

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Carisa (visit their site)

I have been browsing through your blog tonight and then I saw this, thank you! What an encouragement to read what you wrote about me and my site.

;) Carisa
ps- I LOVE your new tools, organization and such...I know how great it feels to get that done, especially when you have a baby ont he way and want everything JUST RIGHT!!