We have Trays!

~Michaela is currently 19 months old~

This was our first week using actual trays and somewhat planned activities. She had such a great time. I have to say transferring the beans was her favorite activity. She did this for at least 20 minutes before I asked her if she would like to do something else. Even then she told me no, so we kept playing with the beans! Here is a look at our week:
Puzzles are always a must around here. She loves them!
Learning to sort the shapes.
She entertained herself by stacking the wipe containers while I put away the groceries and Daddy started dinner. They are amazed by the simplest things!
Then Daddy gave her the drumsticks!
Transferring Beans with a Spoon.
She started with the spoon...
but quickly decided that she would have more fun pouring directly from the container.
Every time she would drop one on the ground she would say, "Aw, man!"
Putting small things in a container.
She would put 1 piece in each hole and then pull them right back out. Then she realized that they would break off and fall in the holes. Our activity then turned into taking the lid on and off. Then we just completely derailed!
She decided this looked like her cup with a straw. She actually would take a "drink" and say, "Umm." What an imagination!
Putting the feathers into styrofoam.
She had fun with this one until she broke one. I think it made her sad because she didn't want to do this activity any more!
She took the feathers and started to say "Tickle, Tickle!"
I have no idea where she got that from!
Her friend came over this week and they practiced taking turns.
They wanted to buckle the seat.

Then we realized there were 2 sets of buckles.
I'm glad they got to practice taking turns first though.
Building with the Mega Blocks. She did most of this tower on her own.
This is probably one of my favorite pictures this week. She loves the princess crown!
I'm just happy she enjoys reading books as much as she does!

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5 Responses to "We have Trays!"

~ Angi :) (visit their site)

I LIKE your style tray! Where did you get it from/what is it really employed for? The divider is what is catching my attention ~ it gives . . .order and compartmentilization. A perfect Montesorri touch! :D

Bernadete (visit their site)

Yes I too am interested in the trays! I love the feather idea! BTW I love the layout of your blog! Your Tot school shopping post has inspired me!

The Adventures of Bear (visit their site)

I like that tray too. What is it from?

Looks like our daughters are a week apart. I'm also expecting , though not as soon as you!

I blog too, so if you're interested in checking out what a fellow 19 month old does all day, feel free to visit.


Amanda (visit their site)

Hey guys. Thanks for all of your comments. I posted about the trays because I wanted to include pictures. I am such a visual person.

Bernadette-I'm working on creating a list of the items that I bought last week. I'll be posting that in the next few days if you want to check it out.

TheRockerMom (visit their site)

I love the feathers! Such a great new texture. I'm sure RockerTot would break them first, then stick the pieces in, lol. I love the trays, too.