Tot School Update

Michaela is 19 months old

I've mentioned this in my confession this week, but Tot School was very sporadic. We worked on activities at different points throughout the day. Once Corbin is here and we have more of a routine, I plan on having a specific time for "school" everyday. For now we are just going to enjoy playing together everyday.

We've had these blocks since Christmas, but this is the first time she has really enjoyed playing with them.

Thankfully, she enjoys cleaning up after herself. The top of the bucket has a shape sorter so she got to clean and learn at the same time!
Puzzles are always a favorite

You might remember these from your childhood. It's a towel that expands once you put it in water. Daddy loves doing water activities with Michaela.
She's watching the towel get bigger.
We went to the park for awhile one day. I love the warm weather! Unfortunately, this park did not have a slide. I thought all parks had a slide. Michaela was pretty bummed about not sliding but she soon forgot.

I was in the midst of moving Michaela's clothes out of the nursery so that we could move Corbin in and Michaela desperately needed something to do.
I thought this would be a great opportunity to work on her transferring skills. This kept her attention for about 10 minutes.

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3 Responses to "Tot School Update"

Bernadete (visit their site)

Looks like you guys had a great week! Thanks for the transfer activity!

TheRockerMom (visit their site)

Looks like plenty of tot school to me. I need to do more water activities with RockerTot. Thanks for the ideas and for sharing.

Erica (visit their site)

My boys love those towel things too lol. We have a ton of them :)

I love how well she does with the puzzles, looks like a fun week!