Mommy Confession Monday

There are so many things I probably need to confess. I think I'll just make a list instead of elaborating on each one. That might be easier!

1. I forgot to make dinner tonight. This might sound crazy but Sundays are always different since we have such a big lunch with the family after church. At 8:30 I realized we hadn't had dinner so I fed the family Apple Jacks.
2. I spent way too much time preparing and not playing. Is it really worth the prep time if I'm not actually spending time with them while their awake?
3. I've been extremely short with every member of my family this week, especially the last few days. I need to have an attitude check.
4. I bought a pint of Starbucks Carmel Macchiato ice cream at the store tonight even though 1/4 of the container has more then 40% of the fat I should have in one day. I couldn't resist!


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