Tot School- 23 Months, Week 2

This week didn't include a lot of 'actual' tot time. I spent a lot of the week organizing and trying to get my life back together a little bit. I did manage to sneak in a few exercises here and there.

Playing with a toy while I tended to Corbin.
This is a rare sighting: smiling for a picture!
She helped me make dinner. (If you can say putting frozen items on a stone is making dinner.)
Playing with a Melissa & Doug see and spell.
I love the way she lays on her belly to work. It's so cute!

I've never gotten this out for her because I thought it was too old for her but she wanted to play with it. It was a bit challenging for her but she enjoyed trying to match the shapes.
The week wouldn't be complete without transferring beans.
She did manage to actually use the spoon some this time.
But we always manage to end up with the same result..
Pouring the beans from one bowl to the other.
Corbin was being so good in the swing while we worked.
She practiced slicing bread with the sandwich making set.
Then she slice an apple.

We also did some rock climbing at a birthday party.
She came inside to find me and bring me outside to show off her new skill.
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5 Responses to "Tot School- 23 Months, Week 2"

TheRockerMom (visit their site)

I think it looks like you had a great week!!! I love the see and spell. We've been debating on whether or not to get RockerTot one. The jury is still out. Thanks for sharing!

Susana (visit their site)

I love the See and Spell too. I really want one of those for our home. You may not think you did too much, but it looks like you had plenty of fun and learning to me:-)--great week!!

Our Little Family (visit their site)

Love your blog and all your activities! We have the See and Spell and my daughter (she just turned 2) wants nothing to do with it. Grrr. I just showed her the picture of your daughter and said, "Look! She has the puzzle as you!" She said, "Oh." Ha! I guess I'll just put it away and try again in a month or so.

Looks like a fun, busy week to me!

Amanda (visit their site)

It was completely Michaela's idea to play with the see & spell. I thought it was still a little too old for her but she had fun-for a short while. I found this one at a yard sale for $4. Most of our school items have come from yard sales!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} (visit their site)

We have the See and Spell too and M is not interested in it. I will have to bring it out again soon and see if I get a different reaction - thanks for the reminder! I love the climbing pics - very cute!