Do you have one of these?

Ever since we have been doing arts and crafts at home I second guess throwing away ANYTHING. I finally put a box in the basement to collect my "goodies" so I wouldn't find them all around the house.
It is also great to dig through when I need some inspiration! You should try it.

4 Responses to "Do you have one of these?"

Sheena (visit their site)

I need a box to put everything in. I look at all empty containers in a new light now. So funny. I just thought about doing a post about this same thing.

Our Little Family (visit their site)

This is SUCH a great idea because I, too, have started thinking about EVERYTHING that I'm close to throwing out. I used to have a nice, neat little drawer of odds and ends (bottle lids, tiny jars, ect), but now I have a full-on collection of boxes and jugs and egg cartons (oh-so-many egg cartons!).

Love this and will totally find a box and make a central spot for it!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} (visit their site)

Yep, I've got the same thing - except I've got about 4 boxes worth. I finally went to Walmart and bought a large storage thing with drawers, just for this kind of stuff. Ha, I may be going a bit overboard! I'm glad I'm not the only one that saves these things!!

Rebecca (visit their site)

Haha, same here! I just recently stopped throwing away anything. You never know when you could use it!