Tot School-23 Months 3 Weeks

Michaela is 23 Months Old

Warning: I have a lot of pictures this week. I'm not really sure why because it seemed like we did less Tot School this week but a lot of the pictures have the same outfit. (I think we had 1 really good day which makes us look like we did stuff all week. I'm sure that never happens to anyone else, haha.) I'll keep the writing to a minimum and let the pictures do most of the talking for you.
Learning to get out her mat.
Learning to unroll the mat.
She was really good about putting everything back once she was done with the activity.
Matching lids.
First time for this one and it was a success. Just save different bottles when you are cooking. Can't get much cheaper then this!
She wanted me to call out a shape or color. Then she would hammer it.
Matching Colors.
I'll do a follow-up post to explain this one in more detail.
Cutting for the first time.
This one wasn't very successful. She needs to get better with hand/eye coordination and I need to buy her left-handed scissors. I forgot about that small fact when I purchased 'normal' scissors.
Transferring Rocks
Arranging Flowers
Putting together Cootie Bugs
Playing with her new feather board. For instructions on how to make this go here.

Matching the Uno Cards. (Notice the PJ's and hairbow?!?)
Official Kick-Off to our once-a-month Play Group.
We've talked about this for months now!

Now some practical life activities:
Putting together her art easel.
Using the easel.
This is a new favorite. I can't seem to get her to do ANYTHING else now that this is up!
Helping Mommy cook.
I wish you could really see this outfit. Leopard Dora Shirt, Orange Skirt, Rainbow socks and Pink/Blue plaid shoes. She is in the "I-can-dress-myself" phase.
Putting away the utensils. (And yes, I have already put away the knives.)
Helping me with muffins.
Want more ideas for Tot School? Check out this link. You will find many wonderful mommies with many wonderful ideas!


2 Responses to "Tot School-23 Months 3 Weeks"

Sheena (visit their site)

What a great week! You did a lot of stuff. My LO loves cooties too. I like the idea of pulling out the silverware tray so she can sort the utensils. I might have to try that because M&M always wants to help with everything.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} (visit their site)

What is it about toddlers and hammering the pieces into puzzles? So funny - we do the same thing (and I know a lot of others do too)! And we put together cooties too - you are the only other person I've seen that does that. And I just LOVE her outfits - she is a fashionable girl! :) Thanks for sharing your week!