Need mats? Go to Target

I found these Bamboo mats at Target today for $2.50 each. I really wanted some toddler size mats for school and these are perfect!

Actual size: 18"x24"

3 Responses to "Need mats? Go to Target"

Nicole {tired, need sleep} (visit their site)

Love it! They look so great, and you can't beat that price!

Sheena (visit their site)

I saw those too and almost got one, but I couldn't think of anything I could do with them. What are you using them for?

Amanda (visit their site)

When you use the Montessori Method for teaching the student is suppose to have a mat to do their work on. This helps teach them to work in their space and keep the activity in one spot. This also reinforces cleaning up that activity and putting it away before getting another one out. It helps to visualize keeping that smaller area clean instead of the entire room. Lastly, if you have more then 1 child working in the same room it helps them learn to respect each others space while working on an activity.

I haven't truly started using the Montessori Method yet. A lot of our Tot School is based on the methods of Montessori based education. I was going to wait until she was about 3 to start an actual preschool curriculum.