Tot School- 24 Months 1 Week

Here is our Tot School for this week:
(if you are looking for creative ideas you can skip this post. It was a very busy week so we didn't delve into very artsy crafts or activities.) Click here for other Tot School ideas.

I finally got the courage to let her paint. I'm always afraid it will be too much of a mess and hard to clean up. I'm so glad I got over this and let her paint. She absolutely loved it!

We painted something for Daddy for his birthday.

She is obsessed with playing with these dice. I'm not quite sure why!

This week we tried to incorporate a funnel into her pouring exercises. She still needs some help in mastering this skill! I'm still finding pieces of rice on the ground.

The flowers were the big hit for this week. She got to sort the flowers, arrange the flowers in the vase and carry them around in her basket. These turned out to be very open-ended.

She is sorting the Popsicle sticks.
Lovely yard sale find. Only $3.00 for this graduated shape toy.
Aunt "Libia" helping her.
I thought she might want to drive her new car but alas, she just wants to sit in it.
Corbin feel asleep in his seat. It was so precious.

This is the first time that Michaela initiated a picture. We were having a get together at our house for Tots and their moms. Michaela grabbed my neck and started saying cheese loudly. She didn't stop until we snapped at least 3 pictures. I'm loving it! She has been so reluctant to take any pictures lately!!!
I'll end on this note:


4 Responses to "Tot School- 24 Months 1 Week"

Our Little Family (visit their site)

She is SUCH a doll and this WAS a creative post!! Love the sorting popsicles! I have some of those hot dog holders and have never really used them. Now I can! Ha!

Maddie loves silk flowers too. Sometimes I'll give her a styrofoam block and she'll push the flowers in, making a... beautiful arrangement. :)

Love the picture of the two of them in the car, too!!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} (visit their site)

It's so great that she enjoyed the painting so much! And I love the picture of the two of you - very sweet!

ScrappinAway (visit their site)

I love the flower idea and we are learning "f" this week and next so I definitely would like to incorporate that idea! And thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, I do love to digiscrapbook!

Rebecca (visit their site)

What? There are definitely very good creative ideas in here! :)