Happy Birthday Michaela!

Happy Birthday, Michaela Grace. I have loved every moment with you this past year. You have brought so many smiles to my face (and so many tests of my temper.) As I look back over this past year through pictures I am amazed at what a sweet girl you have grown into. I can't imagine how I could enjoy this next year with you as much but I'm sure we will have an amazing time. My prayer for you this next year is for you to grow in the Lord and continue to obtain a better understanding of who He is. I love you so much.

Enjoying looking back at our past year together...
First Birthday
Swimming in the baby pool for the first time.
The beginning of Tot School.

Your lovely smile.
The infamous edible art project.
Seeing baby Corbin for the first time.
One of the first times you helped me clean the house.
Going to the pumpkin patch for the first time.
I remember how happy I was for you the first time you were able to put this toy together.
This was your first match! You were so proud of yourself.
First time at Chuck-E-Cheese
The beginning of your obsession with hats.

The two of us.
Your first pigtails!
Valentine's Day
First time at the park with me and Daddy.
You really started playing with your babies this year.
Smelling the flowers at Easter.
Your first "official" tray.
Holding Corbin for the first time.

You loved him from the start.
Helping me in the garden.
The first time we baked Chocolate Chip Cookies from scratch together.
Playing with Ella during the Easter Egg Hunt

Unfortunately, we had a few bad moments. I didn't want to ignore this part because it was used by God to make me appreciate and love you even more!
Praise God for the healing that took place!
You got to see Dora Live! and finally got Boots.
Your first 4th of July with Corbin.
You got a school room this year, which you love!
You really started to use your imagination during play. It has brought me so many laughs.

I love you! Happy Birthday!

2 Responses to "Happy Birthday Michaela!"

Amanda (visit their site)

Thank you so much for sharing with us! She is such a precious child! Love you all!

Tereza (visit their site)

happy birthday Michaela!!! You are precious :o)