Slow Blogging Week

I just wanted to mention that I may not be posting as much this week. Michaela is turning 2 this weekend and I've been getting some things ready for the party. I have a wonderful, wonderful friend who offered to throw Michaela's party. That was such a blessing in so many ways.

One way is that I have time to do a few extra things for Michaela that I may not have done otherwise. One of my other awesome friends came over this week to help me make my first dress for Michaela. I would have been COMPLETELY lost. Patterns might as well be written in Latin!

This is the front of the dress.
Here is the back. We had a beautiful mess up. The ribbon was originally suppose to meet at the zipper in the back. While I was sewing the zipper it moved the satin ribbon. We had to take it out but we decided to make the sash extra long so that we could tie a bow in the back. It's beauty from my ashes. ;)
My sister, Michaela and I also decided to learn how to make fondant. I'm not sure it's going to work on the cake but we had fun learning. Michaela also had a blast!She must see me on the phone a lot. She is already talking on the phone while cooking.
That is a true woman!

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