Mommy Confession Mon..Opps Tuesday

Bathroom Edition

So..I'm a day behind. I have to apologize! This Saturday is Michaela's 2nd Birthday so I have been super busy getting things ready for the party but that is for another post for another time

I've been thinking about what to admit to you all this week. I decided to go with something embarrassing in the hopes that someone else does this. We don't really have a lot of storage room in the bathroom so I have to use the actual tub to store things. You'll see in the picture below what the tub looks like before we use it. We actually empty is out every time we need to use it. If you notice on the bottom you will see the used towels. I was going to take them out before the picture but I figured that would defeat the purpose of this confession.

This is a picture of the downstairs bathroom. We don't actually use this shower, ever. When I worked on cleaning up the school room I decided to use the shower stall for storage. I knew my husband would not let his Lego's go to the garage. Please someone out there tell me I'm not the only one that has to use the tubs for storage!


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