Great Online Store for Melissa & Doug/Montessori Toys

You may have noticed some of our new Melissa & Doug toys. Most of the new toys came from our family for Michaela's birthday. (We could never afford to buy her all of these great toys!) I did a lot of research to try to find the best prices and the most affordable shipping.

I came across a great family owned business: Out of the Toy Box. The customer service was excellent, the shipping was very fast, and they even included a little bear for Corbin as a gift. (I was trying to feed Corbin while we were on the phone and I think she could hear him screaming ;) I love being able to buy items from a small business! You can click here to learn more about them.

Originally, I was going to get some of the traditional Montessori equipment from other websites but I wasn't able to beat the shipping price: It is FREE if you spend $99 or more. When you get a few people together to make a purchase you can all benefit from the shipping prices! The prices for the M&D items are very comparable to other websites and stores you can purchase the toys from.

And the best part: They are going to start carrying traditional Montessori equipment for the classroom. I'm so excited!

I can't wait for Christmas now!

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