I Made Money at Walmart!

Ok. So I know I have been neglecting this blog a little bit. I need to confess a new found obsession: "expert" couponing! I have been reading and researching different blogs out there by some smart, frugal Mommies. I have been learning how to actually get items from stores for free or close to free. It has consumed my online time right now and for that I would like to say sorry. Can I give you just one example of what I saved this morning? You might understand my obsession after this:

  • Formula- no coupon(Wal-mart brand), but I had to have it. Normal price is $11.88 and I don't pay tax on it since it's a food item
  • 1 Package of Zantac 75- Regular price is $3.98. I had a $5.00 off any package. Made $1.02
  • 7 Johnson's Buddie Bars- Regular price is ¢.94. I had (7) $1.00 off any Johnson's Buddies product. Made ¢.35
  • 3 Boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats Chocolate Cluster Cereal. Regular price is $1.98. I had (3) $2.00 off coupons. Made ¢.06.
  • 1 Colgate toothbrush. Regular price is ¢.97. I had (1) $1.00 off coupon. Made ¢.03.

My total after taxes and coupons was $11.03. That is ¢.85 less then what I would have paid for formula if I had not bought the other items! I actually made money and walked out of Wal-mart with Zantac, 7 bars of Johnsons soap, 3 boxes of cereal and a toothbrush!

I got all of my coupons from afullcup.com in the Wal-mart and target section in the resource drop down bar. You have to be a registered member of this site to get access to the Target and Wal-mart Deals but it is completely free to sign up. All of the coupons mentioned above where printed off the Internet.

Here is one disclaimer: Wal-mart may tell you that they no longer accept Internet Coupons. However, the official Wal-mart Website states they will take Internet coupon if there are certain requirements met. I have actually printed a copy of the policy to take to the store with me. If the cashier tells me they will not accept my coupons, I politely show the cashier the policy. (Please don't be nasty to the cashier.) Here is a link to the policy.

If you want to read more about this check out my Frugal Blog Roll. The Centsible Sawyer is a great starting place.

Happy Shopping!

2 Responses to "I Made Money at Walmart!"

Denise Sawyer (visit their site)

Thank you so much for the link! (and the plug!) I really DO appreciate it when you do that! :)
Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you get lots of great deals!

Be Blessed!
The "Cent"sible Sawyer

Amanda (visit their site)

No problem. I love starting with your blog. You have a great link list that helps me remember where I can go for the different deals. There are so many sites out there that explain the deals it can be overwhelming!

The funny thing is I have no idea how I even found your blog to begin with! Haha.