Watching Sheep Grow

Do you remember the sponge capsules that you played with when you were a child? I got some for Michaela to go in her Easter basket and she was very entertained by them! I think Daddy was just as excited as she was too.

It was so neat to experience her watching the pill-like shell turn into a sheep. It really kept her attention, which can be challenging with a 9 month old!

(Please excuse the fact that she doesn't have a shirt on. She got it soaked within the first few minutes. You will also see that she losed a sock later on. I really should have done this in the bath tub but it was a last minute experiment.)

You can see Daddy pointing at the capsule.

Whatever Daddy does, Michaela wants to do as well.

Here she decided that she was going to put her foot in the water!

We went ahead and took of the sock.

The final result.

It was a very cheap form of entertainment. I got a pack of 12 capsules for only $1.97 at Walmart. (We've only used one so far.) I look forward to using these again. It was neat to watch her watch the sheep grow! It's amazing what it going on inside their minds; even at this young age.

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